ALM Integrations and Support

Take test management, execution, reporting and dashboarding to the next level by using Worksoft with your preferred ALM system.

Comprehensive Support for Today’s Most Popular ALM Systems

Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) systems provide teams with the ability to manage the design, development, testing and delivery of applications from end-to-end. They also provide detailed reporting and dashboarding that enable management to stay on top of what’s going on and to maintain change governance.

Worksoft makes working with your desired ALM system quick and easy. Integrating with tools like Micro Focus (HP) ALM, SAP Solution Manager, IBM Rational Quality Manager and other popular tools requires the system administrator to provide only a few integration attributes, such as paths or credentials, and typically requires less than half a day to complete.

Micro Focus (HP) ALM/Quality Center has been the historic market leader, and Worksoft offers robust integrations with and support for Micro Focus ALM. Due to the lack of support for agile methodologies and to the sell-off of HP software to Micro Focus, we’re seeing many customers shift away from HP ALM to other solutions. With that, Worksoft has committed to continuing to invest resources in building and supporting integrations with more modern ALM solutions, including SAP Solution Manager 7.2, Panaya, and others.

Micro Focus (HP) ALM Integration Overview

Customers who would like to utilize their existing investment in Micro Focus (HP) ALM, while at the same time using Worksoft Certify to build and execute tests, can do so quickly and easily. Worksoft provides a high-quality, bidirectional integration with HP ALM that can be used to seamlessly execute a Worksoft Certify test process, view the results and leverage all Micro Focus ALM functionality for test management. Worksoft Certify test processes are linked from within a Micro Focus ALM test plan, which allows Micro Focus ALM requirements to be associated with Worksoft Certify test processes for traceability coverage reporting. Worksoft Certify test execution results can be viewed from within Micro Focus ALM Test Lab, showing both the test execution summary as well as details for each test step.
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SAP Solution Manager Integration Overview

SAP Solution Manager is a complete lifecycle management solution that facilitates SAP implementations and ongoing management. SAP formerly resold HP ALM/Quality Center and UFT as part of the overall SAP Test Acceleration and Optimization (TAO) solution. Based on a number of enhancements in Solution Manager 7.2, SAP has discontinued support for TAO and severed the underlying relationship with HP. Comparable functionality is now offered natively within Solution Manager. Worksoft is deeply integrated with Solution Manager 7.2. Worksoft enables clients to autopopulate SAP business blueprints, configure and execute tests, dynamically generate TBOMs for BPCA and enable continuous testing directly out of Solution Manager.
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Worksoft Certify Adapter for IBM Rational Quality Manager

IBM Rational Quality Manager (RQM) helps organizations optimize project quality with a single, shared hub that provides integrated lifecycle support across virtually any platform and type of test. The Worksoft Certify adapter for IBM RQM provides the ability to seamlessly execute a Worksoft Certify test process, view the results and leverage all RQM functionality for test management. A Worksoft Certify report detailing the results of each test is available from within IBM RQM. Worksoft Certify test reports include the status of the test overall and the details for each individual step, including the data used for each step, the expected and actual results and any screenshots of the application being tested.

Panaya and CA Agile Central (Rally) Integration Support

Panaya and CA Agile Central represent the new wave of ALM systems that have entered the market. All embrace agile at their core and provide cloud-based platforms that are easier to deploy and maintain than traditional ALM systems. The common workflow across these platforms is the reporting of test results based on build numbers. Worksoft Certify results can contain an application and build number to correlate results with change-to-build reporting.

Panaya Release Dynamic (RDx) Platform

Panaya focuses on the enterprise application space, offering SAP, Oracle and a viable alternative to traditional ALM approaches. Panaya Release Dynamix (RDx) platform is cloud-based and provides a comprehensive environment for cross-team collaboration, workflow management, test management, risk mitigation and compliance reporting. Worksoft is a Panaya partner and is in the process of developing bidirectional native integrations with Panaya.

CA Agile Central (Rally)

Rally was a pioneer in the adoption of agile development processes. In addition to offering a robust ALM platform geared toward supporting agile teams, they offer a number of agile training and mentor programs. Worksoft is in the process of building out integrations for CA Agile Central, and works with clients on a case-by case-basis.