API Testing

SoapUI Tests and Mocks Accelerate
End-to-End Business Process Testing

Increase Cross-Functional Collaboration

The ability to run SoapUI API tests breaks down traditional silos between business analysts, developers, and testers. The Worksoft Certify framework can not only create new automation, but also run tests created by software developers as end-to-end business process tests with enterprise-level controls and reporting.

When testing an end-to-end business process, there are many actors along the way. In some processes, the start is a user in a web UI, mobile device, or legacy application. Data is always flowing behind the scenes – this can be traditional EDI documents or modern SOA or REST calls. Forcing business analysts to learn to be programmers to understand SOA and REST, like other tools require, is not a good use of time or energy. By using Worksoft Certify to inherit SoapUI tests, the business can focus on end-to-end processes and developers can focus on data formatting. Worksoft Certify’s reuse of SoapUI tests makes the best use of everyone’s time.

Democratize Testing with Automation

Worksoft Certify enables the rapid creation of automation that’s resilient to change and easy to maintain. Its unified interface for test creation, execution, and maintenance is simple and intuitive. There is no code generated, and no programming required to create and maintain tests. Test case creation and maintenance is dramatically simplified, and tests are more resilient to application change. Using Certify, organizations can democratize testing and take full advantage of all their test assets.


Worksoft Extends Automation and Drives Business Agility

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Every company that runs SAP software should have automation. It’s not even a question. Last year, we went live with over 15 SAP projects. Without the automation, we would have increased the risk of introducing possible failures into our production environments.

Eric Woodworth VSP Global

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