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The Future of Automation Starts Now. 

Your business is evolving. Change is pervasive and persistent.
Now more than ever, it's time for a new perspective on automation. 

The Worksoft CONNECTIVE AUTOMATION SUMMIT is a one-day virtual event designed to empower tech leaders to transform through automation and do more with less. With thoughtful presentations and insights from our experts, partners, customers, and industry experts, the Summit will showcase the power of Connective Automation to maximize operational efficiency by incoprorating automation into the entire lifecycle of a process from Discovery to Testing to RPA.

Speakers from around the world will join us to share thoughtful ways to apply automation to Agile+DevOps, cloud, and process intelligence. Top thought leaders will share how to navigate enterprise change for SAP and beyond. Also see demonstrations of new, cutting-edge technologies to apply robotic process automation, visual AI and change intelligence to take automation to the next level.

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Connective Automation Summit
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