Don’t miss a thing in your risk mitigation plan!

Is your company doing all it can to manage technology risk across your SAP® application landscape and all the connected enterprise apps? Today, there’s no need to leave flawless business execution to chance.

Quality Checklist with ShadowDownload this one-page checklist to organize your risk management drivers, objectives, strategies and tactics – and initiate the discussion of technology risk with your team. The checklist identifies:

  • 18 Key Stakeholders: Who’s most accountable for business process quality and managing technology risk in your organization
  • 12 Project Drivers: What are your most immediate enterprise projects?
  • 7 Top Risks: What technology risks are of greatest concern?
  • 14 Business Objectives: What are your most important objectives?
  • 13 Risk Mitigation Strategies & Tactics: How do you stack up across the company and in specific business units?

Why use this Checklist? Because it can help your team have a complete, structured, goal-driven conversation about technology risk and exactly what you can do to mitigate it.  The checklist can also act as a safety net in the conversation – to help ensure you’ve covered all the most important aspects, so you don’t miss a thing.

Download the Technology Risk Checklist Now (11” x 17” format)  

The checklist is also available in a printed poster format. Order your copies today:

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Worksoft has helped hundreds of firms and thousands of people mitigate technology risk in their companies, and we’re glad to provide this checklist free of charge.

You can’t eliminate technology risk altogether. But with the right approach, you can minimize the business impact of potential technology problems on your enterprise. For a quick demonstration of Worksoft automation for high speed business process testing, please contact us today.