For many IT departments, the move to SAP S/4HANA is the biggest event of the decade. Engaging the right technology to support your business processes is vital to the success of such a large-scale transition. Even for SAP organizations not yet moving to S/4HANA, engaging technology like test automation, process intelligence, and RPA drives innovation and ROI.

Worksoft was a proud sponsor of this year’s SapphireNow, one of the largest events focused on the SAP community, with over 400 sessions in eight content tracks. 

During his session in the Customer Experience track, Worksoft’s Chief Strategy & Product Officer, Shoeb Javed, shared insights on how to leverage automation to drive efficiency and quality for end-user experiences – especially during a move to SAP S/4HANA. 

The on-demand replay of the session, “Improve Process Efficiency and Quality with AI-Driven Process Intelligence,” is available to watch on the Sapphire Now website. In it, Shoeb highlights how AI-powered Process Intelligence from Worksoft combines real-time data to empower informed decision-making to scale automation, optimize processes, and ensure flawless delivery. The Worksoft Connective Automation Platform delivers a solution that allows organizations to address key priorities. 

Gain Insights to Drive Continuous Improvement

A recent study from ASUG revealed that nearly 40% of those who had gone through the S/4HANA migration process had underestimated its complexity. Where does this complexity come from? Most often, the answer is business processes that have evolved over a period of time without documentation. 

Every large enterprise has a number of as-is business processes that they’ve tailored to their specific needs. During a large-scale migration, you need to understand each of these processes to maintain continuity. You can gain insights and a clear understanding by utilizing automated process discovery of complex business processes that connect with your SAP application. 

Realize Value on Day Zero

Unlike many testing tools that require proprietary programming knowledge, Worksoft’s codeless automation platform avoids the steep learning curve by delivering instant value. Business and IT users alike can fast-track their test automation with pre-built tests to start using immediately, accelerating ROI and reducing error. Worksoft sets your team up for success with guidance and training to drive productivity and build automation alongside our experts. 

Remove Siloes and Align Goals

One of the most common hurdles in any organization is the gap between business and IT. Technological innovation now moves at a staggering pace, putting pressure on IT departments to deliver goals set by the business and the end-user experience, often leading to a disparity between expectations in functionality, timelines, and how to measure success. In this session, Shoeb Javed discusses how a common language for prioritization and measurement is vital as well as how the Worksoft platform helps bridge the divide. 

Reduce Disruption to the End User Experience

The end-user experience is one of the top priorities for any organization in almost any industry, and a large-scale migration can significantly impact it. In SAPinsider’s 2021 Benchmark Report, 87% of the user community cited “minimal disruption to operations” as their most important consideration during their move to S/4HANA. Engaging continuous test automation across end-to-end processes that span applications can deliver the holistic QA coverage necessary to de-risk and minimize disruption.

Achieve Holistic Automation

With automation that offers value before, during, and after your migration to S/4HANA, the Worksoft platform is a holistic solution enabling you to drive faster adoption, reduce risk, and set your team up for success. Implementing process discovery and improving processes before your migration avoids carrying over inefficiencies and maximizes ROI. 

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