Cover of Lights Out Business Process Testing WhitepaperIt’s been a busy week for the airlines, as today’s Bloomberg headline reads “Delta CEO Apologizes for Glitch as Flight Cancellations Rise.” Right at the height of the summer travel season.

With technology comes technology risk, so if you’re a CIO (or work for the CIO) your most important mission is to keep the enterprise up, running, and ready for business in the face of all the technology changes your team deploys.

Above all, you never want your CEO to apologize for a software glitch. You and your team want to do everything you can to make sure that never happens on your watch - and automation can help in a big way. In a new whitepaper, Worksoft talks all about how continuous “lights out” testing dramatically lowers the risk associated with software updates and new installs of your enterprise applications.

Automation checks everything, every day. If you’re testing every business process all night every night, then the odds that you’ll be caught by surprise go to nearly zero. The best part is that it’s possible today with fully automated testing and top firms are already doing it. And it’s not magic.

The article explains lights out testing, what it is, and why you need it. We also explain key benefits including:

  • How to ensure flawless business process execution
  • How to schedule automated testing on a recurring basis - daily, nightly, weekly, monthly or any other schedule that suits your needs
  • Using automation to accelerate every project by reducing test cycle times
  • Boosting test coverage with unused resources
  • Gaining staff efficiency with automation - and doing much more with much less
  • Eliminating manual audit and compliance work with automated document generation as a side-benefit

We invite you to read more and download the full "Lights Out Business Process Testing" whitepaper here.