For more than ten years, Worksoft has continued to innovate and leverage our market leadership and deep expertise in automated end-to-end testing to become the most-trusted, experienced provider of business-driven automation. We continue to reinforce our leadership position in the industry and tie our growth to our ability to listen to customer and industry demands. Companies want to work with a partner who understands how testing critical business processes across an entire organization’s packaged applications can accelerate and enhance business outcomes. Our focus is squarely on every aspect of enterprise applications and driving success with automation - and this has brought massive ROI to our customer base.

We were around when the only option was first generation, manual or code-based scripting. We saw companies write code to test code and knew that simply wasn’t the most effective method for managing important changes to an application landscape. Worksoft recognized early on there was a need for a truly automated solution that didn’t require programming and was built for the business. That’s where our fourth-generation approach to automated testing was born – we saw the importance of ensuring the business is involved in the lifecycle of testing. Ours is a time-tested approach - it worked back then, and it works today – even as technology and business drivers continue to evolve.

This knowledge and expertise is what companies need when it comes to massive, increasingly sprawling packaged applications such as SAP, Oracle, Salesforce, Workday and more. We are focused on testing business processes across complex IT and application ecosystems to lock-in quality across all platforms. Companies need to accelerate digital business initiatives, drive innovation, and ultimately, competitive advantage. Enterprise applications are key to driving these business outcomes.

Technology isn’t just about code

A complex and changing application landscape requires thorough and effective testing. This can’t be done if you focus on the technology alone. The most critical factor in testing is ensuring high quality execution of end-to-end business processes across all applications and interfaces. A business-driven approach focuses on the end-to-end business process and keeping the business functioning as designed.

Business-driven automation isn’t just about finding software bugs. It’s about understanding and preventing the negative impacts of failures and delays on business strategy and innovation. An experienced provider can help you reap the benefits of automation:

  • Reducing costs — offshore testing and hiring teams of people to write tests is expensive. Automatic discovery of existing business processes saves hundreds of hours and gives companies accurate visibility into their business. Using this information to quickly build automated tests gives companies a competitive advantage when it comes to end-to-end quality execution.
  • Accelerating projects — faster testing with automation, without reliance on programmers helps organizations implement, upgrade, and run massive, interconnected packaged applications faster.
  • Driving business outcomes — where experience matters most is in the ability to link automated business process discovery, documentation, compliance and testing to business outcomes. Real ROI and innovation can be realized when automation is aligned with business goals.

Do you have what you need to succeed?  

Intelligent automation that offers business process discovery, documentation, compliance, and testing can unlock immense potential and accelerate business outcomes. Companies struggle to deliver value to the business with manual, legacy or scripting approaches. When it comes to something this significant – driving revenue, higher margins, new products, competitive disruption – a proven automated solution is a must-have.

Experience is the foundation that drives people to make sound decisions, question the status quo, and innovate to stay ahead of the curve. It also provides the knowledge to understand how complex systems work together and the wisdom to anticipate potential problems.

Deploying complex packaged applications and frequent software updates can upend a business. Manual documentation and testing can no longer keep pace. Automated capture of critical business processes accelerates testing and ensures you are testing the right things. It takes experience to apply this intelligent automation to drive strategic business impact.

An IDC study of large global enterprises who use Worksoft automation revealed a reduction in organizational business risk and increased productivity because a higher percentage of defects (44 percent more) were identified before they made it into production. With a proven, experienced partner for test automation end users are more productive because of the mitigated risk of defects.

When selecting a provider, ask the following questions:

  • Does the provider have a strong customer base within the Global 1000 with proven results to back up their claims?
  • Are the leading system integrators (SIs) utilizing that provider to support their most important client automation projects?
  • Have SIs embedded that provider’s automation offerings into their own technology platforms?
  • What technology alliance partners and solution provider partners have they aligned with to further enable your success?

Also, research the following:

  • Who are today’s industry leaders turning to for automation?
  • Do the provider’s testing solutions integrate with and support the key enterprise applications and technology platforms most critical to your business outcomes?

Now that you know what questions to ask and the impact experience has on success, are you ready to unlock immense potential and accelerate business outcomes? Get started now.