2017 is right around the corner, so what should CIOs be doing to plan for the year to come? For many, the process looks something like this:

Survey your business and assess their technology needs. Collect the results. Take a look at all the IT projects coming down the line and make a list. After the list is built, estimate the cost for each of those projects, as well as the benefits those projects will bring the business. Once your list is written down, it’s time to prioritize. Sort the list and rank the projects based on the time, cost and business benefits.

Finally, draw a line on the list indicating where the money runs out. Projects above the line will happen in 2017 and the ones below the line will not. That’s the reality.

Not satisfied with how much is going to get done next year? Need to deliver more? What if you could draw that line lower? Keep reading to see how that’s possible! trying again

Automation allows you to tackle more projects in less time. It allows you to tackle more projects with the same staff and the same budget! As a result, more business benefits can be delivered annually by your IT team to the business. And when it comes to software defects and potential glitches, automated business process testing will detect those problems early so that projects don’t get de-railed. Not only that, but automation allows you to do more projects in parallel and reduce contingencies because time and budget will be more predictable.

How can you do this? It’s possible with Worksoft automation for high speed business process testing. Worksoft allows you to innovate faster. By shortening timelines, you’ll increase your business team’s competitive advantage with more of the business software they want – whether that is cloud, web, mobile, digital, big data or ERP updates.

In summary, Worksoft can achieve 4 critical things for your business in 2017:

  • Accelerate Projects – Eliminate manual effort and shorten timelines
  • Enhance Quality – Eliminate disruption due to changes in technology
  • Lower Costs – Gain major staff efficiencies by replacing manual labor with digital labor
  • Improve Collaboration – Optimize workflows between IT and the business with a common platform

Are you ready to draw your line lower and get more done in 2017? Watch this video on test automation software for flawless quality assurance to discover what you can do with the world’s leading framework for high-velocity business process testing and discovery!



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