global network SAP S/4HANASAP designed S/4HANA to simplify the way global companies do business. But the road to simple can be slow going, because HANA projects often bring substantial change to your enterprise landscape. In fact, 80% of the journey can be consumed by testing alone. That's why leading SAP companies are taking the fast lane with intelligent automation.

Worksoft recently presented a webinar describing how automation technology can be applied to accelerate S/4HANA projects. Companies have found that they can shorten S/4HANA project timelines by 40% or more with high speed automated testing.  Furthermore, once that automation is in place it can be run every day for every business process to ensure flawless execution on a 24/7/365 basis. That matters because HANA is still a relatively new technology from SAP, and automation can help firms keep pace with frequent HANA updates and releases. Essentially, you can run the same automation scenarios for every update to make sure every process still works as needed. Watch the full webinar recording here.