IDC Report on the Importance of Automation in High Speed Business Process Testing

Screenshot of title page of IDC ReportHigh speed testing is more important than ever, according to industry analyst firm IDC. Analyst Melinda Ballou explains how intelligent automation plays a critical role in effective risk management, quality assurance and continuous change initiatives.

“Companies are exposed to significant risk of business disruption if critical processes aren't tested frequently. Public software failures are becoming more and more commonplace, and it's not merely about security,” according to Melinda Ballou. “It is simply not possible to achieve the needed speed and accuracy with non-automated approaches, particularly for business processes. Dynamic, high-velocity automated testing is key to avoiding the business disruption, lack of visibility, and project backlogs created by manual methods.”

Maintaining quality in high-change environments. “Companies have less and less control over how and when their software portfolio landscape is impacted in cloud environments. In that context, organizations must be continuously responsive to change while dynamically updating and maintaining the integrity of their business processes, which is possible only with automation.”

The report includes interviews with three global firms that use high velocity business process testing across their enterprises:

  • “With Worksoft automation, the team has experienced a 30% efficiency gain.”
  • “The only way it has been able to speed up its deployments while maintaining quality has been through test automation.”
  • “Quantifiable success includes significant cost savings with increased efficiency compared with manual approaches.”
  • “Companies need business process visibility. How can you effectively document and test your processes if you don’t know what they are?”
  • “Why is testing more important than ever? Companies must be constantly responsive to changes…”

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