Albert Einstein once said “The only source of knowledge is experience,” this maybe debatable in some cases - you can learn to do a lot of things on YouTube. But when it comes to things that are vital to your survival or the survival of your business, we believe experience is what matters most.

Would you rather go to a heart surgeon who has performed thousands of operations or trust your life to a first-year med student? Most people would choose the first! That’s because when it comes to the things that really matter, experience matters. We tend to trust people with a demonstrated history of successful innovation and achievement – and for good reason. SAP is at the heart of many organizations’ critical business processes. That’s why companies looking to implement a change or improve the overall health of their SAP system turn to Worksoft.

Worksoft has been focused on SAP and packaged applications since 2007.  We have seen every packaged application project that you can imagine from new implementations to consolidations to cloud and data center migrations; you name it.  When it comes to packaged applications, we get it.

“Certify provided outstanding feature support for SAP test automation which is unrivaled by other tools in the market. If you are implementing SAP and need to automate, pilot the tool and see that it is a compelling solution for SAP test automation.”

IT Central Station Real User Review

Real-world experience, collaboration and innovation are at the heart of Worksoft’s success. Today over 300 clients have turned to Worksoft to help them ensure all their critical business processes remain up and running through any change. In the case of organizations looking for automation to support end-to-end SAP business processes, they’re looking for the experienced leader, Worksoft. Leading enterprises turn to software companies that are proven and trusted but are also continuously evolving, adapting to new technologies and changing markets, and committed to driving long-term value to its customers.

Worksoft maintains strong relationships with its customer base and with its partners, including SAP, Accenture, IBM, Cognizant, and many others. Worksoft listens carefully to customer needs and anticipates industry trends to guide the development of our automation platform. With more than 20 years of experience delivering automated business process discovery and testing solutions, Worksoft has the expertise to deliver innovative technology and guide customers in a constantly changing landscape.

Worksoft delivers fourth generation automation that supports critical enterprise applications including SAP, Oracle, Salesforce, Workday, including cloud, mobile, Web, and HTML applications. With this as the foundation, Worksoft is committed to bringing continuous innovation to the market. For example, some of the latest Certify features include Exploratory Testing, integration of SoapUI & Selenium tests, unparalleled support for DevOps for packaged applications, new pre-built business process content and pre-built optimizations for the most popular packaged applications.

If you are an SAP User – the choice is clear!

Worksoft was the first company to develop automated business process discovery for SAP to provide insight and documentation of critical processes. With this valuable information, generating end-to-end automated tests is easier than ever. There’s simply no other way to accelerate the value of test automation. Here are a few other ways Worksoft uniquely supports SAP:

  • Solution Manager Integration: Worksoft is the only testing partner currently in the SAP Focused Solution Circle program. We are deeply integrated not only with SAP, but also with a wide variety of third party tools and applications (HP ALM, IBM RQM, Jira & ServiceNow).
  • Impact analysis: Recognized as the market leader for SAP change impact analysis, Worksoft’s solution is not dependent on BPCA nor having populated Blueprints.
  • Documentation: Worksoft has robust documentation and reporting for SAP. Competing solutions are known for providing weak documentation that cannot be used for audit and compliance.
  • Business Process Discovery: Worksoft is the only testing partner that helps customers auto-generate business Blueprints for SAP Solution Manager.

Worksoft’s value extends way beyond SAP!

Customers use our technology to test all the applications across the entire enterprise – not just SAP. This includes Oracle, SalesForce, Workday, ServiceNow and more. We will continue to focus on the enterprise packaged application space, enabling highly automated business-driven testing. With so many different, often competing business needs in the technology landscape – we know that it is foolish to believe one tool can be used to “do it all” effectively.

Tired of code?

We have good news. Worksoft developed the Object Action Framework and it is a 100% codeless solution. Our solutions don’t require expertise in C#, Visual Basic or other programming to make customizations – unlike other solutions in the market.

Ready to integrate with the DevOps/ALM toolchain?

We’ve got you covered! Worksoft offers RICH integrations to all major ALM platforms used to manage enterprise applications including HP ALM, IBM RQM, and SAP SolMan. We execute tests from open source tools including SoapUI, Selenium, and Appium. We enable continuous integration with Jenkins, Bamboo, and Teamcity. We also help customers with integration to defect tracking systems including HP ALM, Jira and ServiceNow.

As customers move along in their journey with SAP, upgrading from 4.7 to ECC6 then suite on HANA to  S/4HANA, Worksoft has been the trusted advisor. Worksoft has continued to innovate its flagship product, Certify with the ability to test SAPGUI to new Fiori based applications along with the rest of the ecosystem like Ariba, Hybris, Success Factors, Concur and others.

Today, Worksoft is so much more than just a testing company. We offer automated discovery, analytics, documentation, support for compliance, and robotic process automation. We are business-driven, focusing heavily on delivering value to the business – faster and cheaper than other solutions. We have been pioneers since the beginning and we will continue to innovate and collaborate year after year.