Get your time back . . . and more.

When organizations replace manual testing with intelligent automation – they get more than high quality application delivery. We recently asked Worksoft customers what they see as the biggest unexpected benefits of test automation.

Companies who automate functional testing do achieve impressive time savings.  Thanks to intelligent automation, businesses can absorb more changes to their business processes than they ever thought possible.

Another benefit? One customer said, “With the creativity and flexibility we have with Worksoft, we can go after and test scenarios that previously were very complex manual processes.”

Watch the full video below to learn about all the unexpected benefits of automation.

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Since test automation saves thousands of staff hours and gives people their time back, what are they doing with that extra time?

According to our customers, elimination of manual testing opens the door to an array of innovative, productive activity.

One customer said, “We’re really saving our functional analysts time by using test automation instead of manual test execution, and they’re able to spend their time supporting projects so we can deliver faster.” In addition to faster project execution, Worksoft customers use their automation time savings to integrate newly acquired companies, troubleshoot for production, and more.

Flawless project delivery is the goal for many CIOs, but they often find that the money runs out before their long list of projects is complete. That’s where the power of test automation shines. It allows you to tackle more projects in less time with the same staff and budget! As you can see in the below video, organizations see this everyday with the power of automation.

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