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OCT 12
OCT 19

Worksoft and the Belgium SAP User Group would like to invite you to register and attend four technical master classes supported by Worksoft. 

In these sessions, we'll delve into Business Process Integration in four key ways, from Closed-Loop Automation to Process Intelligence to RPA and more. 

Register now for one or all of these sessions hosted by key members of the Worksoft team. 

View details on these sessions below. 

Navigate Digital Transformation with Confidence

By automating business process discovery, documentation and testing via a single integrated platform, Worksoft enables enterprises to accelerate digital transformation projects and minimize risks by eliminating manual effort, providing comprehensive insights, and dynamically supporting ongoing change management efforts.


Unlock Automation Value with 360-Degree Process Intelligence

Explore how Process Intelligence from Worksoft gives you unprecedented, 360-degree insight by bringing together process data from multiple sources into one cohesive dashboard enables informed decision-making and real results.

Discover how Process Intelligence from Worksoft can empower your organization to:

  • See real-time results and project potential benefits from automation and process optimization using the comprehensive Process Intelligence dashboard
  • Combine multiple data sources into a single view, creating maximum flexibility to see what’s working and drive continuous process improvement
  • Accelerate RPA strategies by building your RPA roadmap with clearly defined process targets
  • Automate at scale with deep process understanding and at-a-glance recommendations for which activities to automate next based on cost and frequency
  • Built test automation faster using comprehensive discovery data with an automation roadmap created by Process Intelligence
  • Navigate digital transformation projects and upgrades like SAP S/4HANA with the clarity and understanding necessary to ensure functionality for mission-critical processes


Event 1 (2)

OCT 5 

Resilient Automation for SAP

Unlike traditional code-based RPA solutions, Worksoft’s new Connective RPA uses our proven Object Action Framework, a code-free approach that enables automation to adapt seamlessly to change. See how this patented framework, combined with unparalleled expertise in SAP automation creates an RPA solution that’s different by design.

During the webinar, we share how the Worksoft Object Action Framework:

  • Recognizes changes, model patterns and provides an exhaustive set of actions for each bot  
  • When the UI changes, a new version of the application is created, and the attributes are updated for the new or changed action simultaneously – we are forward compatible because we don’t look at simple HTML  
  • Uses a “web optimization framework” to find an object and perform an action  
  • Each interface has a unique AI routine that identifies elements versus simple routines like Xpath   
  • Updates all bot processes referencing an object dynamically based on a single change made to a process 


Event 1 (3)

OCT 12 

Continuous Testing with Remote Execution

The speed of innovation continuous to increase, driving rapid and relentless change for today’s ever-evolving IT landscapes, creating greater risk as IT and business teams scramble to ensure timely delivery.   

 How can your organization keep pace? Test more, worry less. With Worksoft’s Connective Automation Platform, you can easily build and maintain automated tests, accelerating testing time without losing scope or volume. Learn how you can schedule and execute remote, continuous tests to intercept defects sooner and prioritize remediation—without sacrificing your nights and weekends.  

 Join us to explore how continuous test automation and remote execution can empower your organization to:

  • Support CI/CD for Agile+DevOps and other digital transformation initiatives by automating regression tests and run on a daily, hourly, or weekly basis  
  • Schedule and execute unattended and on-demand tests remotely or in local test labs  
  • Centralize visibility with a high-level view of all tasks and resources and manage resources anywhere by  
  • Improve efficiency and optimization efforts by connecting testing to a closed-loop repository of testing and process data


Event 1-1

OCT 19

Closed-loop Automation – Connecting the Process Lifecyle to Optimize Business Outcomes & Drive Automation ROI 

Learn how a closed-loop approach to automation breaks down barriers between systems, teams and data analytics to facilitate business and IT alignment, enabling faster time to value with reduced risk and rework for digital transformations.

Explore how this approach unlocks the potential of automation when assets are no longer siloed between disparate systems and solutions. Instead, automation can be created, shared, and repurposed to understand, refine, and run your business processes—all from a single platform.

In this session, we’ll discuss how Connective Automation seamlessly connects the full life cycle of a business process from process intelligence to testing to RPA, creating a common context for IT and business to collaborate and prioritize, with unmatched abilities to: 

  • Understand the “as-is” state of any given business process 
  • De-risk changes before they impact end-users
  • Optimize processes across applications


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