Exploratory Testing

Find defects while building your test automation library faster.

  • Auto-Capture User Actions and Reports – Get a complete documented record of all steps taken and fields touched by the exploratory tester, including screen shots.
  • Submit Defects with One Click – Failing test cases can be immediately submitted to JIRA or ServiceNow, which have out-of-the-box integrations with Worksoft Certify, or are exported to Excel to share with development for resolution.
  • Generate Supporting Test Cases – Using the captured steps, Worksoft Certify can automatically generate supporting test cases that can be added to the test library and run as often as needed. Tests can then be associated with a requirements module.

Benefits of Exploratory Testing with Worksoft Certify

Explore. Share. Consolidate. Automate.

Worksoft Certify exploratory testing makes it possible to capture and mark tests as a success or failure in real time. Well documented results and screen shots are then generated, and failing tests can be immediately pushed to a defect tracking system (HP ALM, JIRA, ServiceNow). Corresponding automated tests are also created to complement exploratory tests so developers can easily recreate defects and run automation as needed. An aggregate view of the exploratory tests can be displayed in Worksoft Analyze, and the same files used to create the results and automated tests are used to display the processes explored. Standard consolidation and de-duplication of activities is done when presenting in Analyze so that redundant exploratory testing can be removed when automatically converting exploratory tests to automation.

worksoft analyze

Reduce Unnecessary Testing with Worksoft Analyze

Excessive ad-hoc testing is frequently linked to poorly produced or missing documentation. Worksoft Analyze automates the discovery and documentation of as-is business processes, extending the power of exploratory testing by quickly highlighting deviations in processes and dependencies. Supporting documents and test cases are generated automatically, eliminating the need for unnecessary or redundant tests.

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