Help - Worksoft Analyze®


Discovering Business Process with Capture

Analyze enables fast, accurate capture of business processes by simply observing a user's normal performance of business activities in SAP. Learn how to download and install Worksoft's Capture technology and get started by capturing your first business process.


Visualizing Business Process

Analyze provides visualization of actual business processes as executed by real users in your enterprise. Understand the primary features of Worksoft Analyze including an introduction to the Welcome Wizard, the Analyze Workspace concept, and the Workspace Designer.


End-to-End Process Documentation

Analyze eliminates the inefficient and often inaccurate manual documentation of business processes. Learn how process segments captured by multiple-users can be linked together to create and document an end-to-end business process. Visualize multiple variants of the business process and understand the differences of each unique path.


Overlaying SAP Workflow Statistics

Once you have captured and visualized your business processes, take a closer look at the most commonly executed activities and make business decisions based on this analysis. Explore the analysis overlay feature, including heat map selection, the import of workflow data, and options for creating analysis overlays on business processes.


Collaboration with Worksoft Analyze

One of the most significant benefits of Analyze is the ability to efficiently collaborate with your colleagues. Learn how to invite new users and share workspaces among teams.


Automatic Business Process Documentation

Use Worksoft Analyze to automatically create always-current business process documentation suitable for records, training and other applications where detailed process execution procedures are required.


Using Analyze Filters

Worksoft Analyze offers a number of advanced capabilities for filtering and manipulation of discovered business process. In this video, we explore these techniques, including creating stabilized workspaces ideal for the exchange of knowledge between business and technical users. Before watching this video, users should be familiar with the Analyze workspace and filter concepts.


Generating Certify Automation Assets in Analyze

Use Worksoft Analyze to select and export business process as a Certify-ready automation asset, leveraging the fastest path from business process discovery to automated business process validation.


Business Process Activity Comments

Use Worksoft Analyze to communicate the purpose of captures and variants, as well as individual business activities. Use Analyze filters to identify specific processes and activities.