DALLAS, (Sept. 26, 2013) - Worksoft®, a leading provider of automated business process validation solutions for SAP® and other enterprise applications, today announced a new Worksoft TCOE Program to help large enterprises successfully plan, build, and adopt Testing Centers of Excellence (TCOE). The Program helps ensure quality business process execution and consists of Worksoft Certify® software, plus advisory services to help companies build their competency in end-to-end business process validation for SAP®, SAP HANA®, web, mobile, cloud, and other mission critical systems.

"We’ve helped many Fortune 500 companies establish Testing Centers of Excellence to improve quality, cut costs, and speed the deployment of enterprise systems," said Toby Cappello, vice president, services, Worksoft. "Now we’ve encapsulated our experience in a Program to help customers make progress even faster. Automation is the key to achieving the full benefits of a TCOE, and our experienced staff is eager to teach organizations how others are actually doing it.”

The Worksoft TCOE Program helps companies deploy business systems and technology updates at faster rates, even as budget pressures and staff constraints push IT teams to reduce costs. The Program includes software and advisory services for the following:

  • Achieving successful enterprise-wide adoption and deployment of a Testing Center of Excellence
  • Designing a TCOE Program from the ground up including key processes. Design alternatives and industry examples provided
  • Building a sustainable competency in automated business process validation and test automation
  • Establishing organizational, staffing, career development, and educational aspects of a TCOE Program
  • Using the TCOE approach, embedded in your program and project approaches, to shorten timelines for SAP HANA, web, mobility, cloud, and other enterprise application projects
  • Achieving 24/7/365 coverage with automated business process validation

To learn more, download our white paper, The Testing Center of Excellence: The New Framework for Quality in Business Process Execution.

To discuss the Worksoft TCOE Program or schedule a demonstration of Worksoft Certify®, please contact us at info@worksoft.com.