Capture 2.0: The Test Automation Easy Button

Enable Business and Technical Users to Work in Agile Teams to Create Test Automation and Accelerate Digital Transformation Projects

Capture 2.0: The Next Generation in Codeless UI Test Automation

Capture 2.0 is our latest and most advanced object and action recognition technology for automated business process discovery, documentation generation and testing acceleration. Capture 2.0 is 10 times faster than previous versions, easier to use and extends capabilities to HTML5 Web and Mobile UIs. Capture 2.0 also features a rich, new user interface which enables both business users and test automation professionals to create end-to-end tests. In Agile environments business users run Capture to document the stories. Once a feature is complete, QA finishes the test automation and can schedule tests to run continuously.

Capture 2.0: Test Automation is for Everyone

Making changes to systems that support mission critical business processes requires constant collaboration between business users and IT. The faster you can accurately document existing processes and create and modify resilient test plans, the faster you can test.

The challenge is business users and IT technical users have different skill sets and needs. In recognition of this, Worksoft has aligned its portfolio to meet that challenge and deliver functionality for both personas. Worksoft Analyze is designed for business users and requires no testing experience or technical knowledge. Worksoft Certify is designed for test automation professionals that create, edit, maintain and run tests. Captured steps by Capture create the building blocks for automation; usable by both Analyze and Certify.

Capture 2.0 for Business Users – Worksoft Analyze

  • Easy to use interface that requires no testing experience or knowledge of Worksoft Certify
  • Distribute as a stand-alone agent to any user in the world
  • Make inline comments, document manual processes and add screen shots
  • Directly load Captures into Analyze or Certify
  • Directly load Captures into Analyze or Certify
  • Take advantage of industry leading support for Fiori, S/4 and other SAP applications

Capture 2.0 for Test Automation Professionals

  • Leverage for exploratory testing and ability to quickly automate manual test scripts
  • Quickly import captured processes from business users with full documentation into Certify
  • Easily edit tests by leveraging LiveTouch functionality now included with Capture
  • Take advantage of new object integration and edit capabilities

Capture 2.0: The Agile Enabler for Enterprise App Projects

In the custom application world, stories are documented, loaded into Agile management systems and then distributed to scrum teams. Enterprise application projects typically do not work the same. Business process documentation is produced by business analysts and then turned over to IT as the basis for test plans. Because of the amount of manual work typically involved in the documentation, process teams then struggle to keep up with Agile testing cycles.

Further adding to the bottleneck is the fact that test automation for enterprise projects is typically done at the feature level vs. the story. The finished feature is what the business cares about and therefore the focus for rigorous testing. But this doesn’t mean each story doesn’t need to be documented. It simply changes the point in which the documentation is transferred to the testing team. In fact, more documentation and testing is typically needed for enterprise application projects:

  • “Done” criteria typically goes way beyond basic unit and functional testing.
  • Upstream and downstream processes must be part of the documentation process, with teams leveraging them to ensure all critical processes continue to run after a change has been made.


Capture 2.0 enables business users and testers to work together in parallel. Business users run capture to document the stories. Once a feature is complete, test automation professionals can finish the automation and schedule into continuous testing cycles.

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