Zero-Touch Process Mining for SAP

Accelerate SAP Test Automation Projects with Process Mining for SAP

Process Mining Benefits:

Accelerate Testing with Optimized Regression Test Libraries

rocess Mining gives you the opportunity to not only identify how your users depend on SAP but also identify exactly how they’re using it. It tells you what should be tested and in what priority order, and then it automatically generates the initial business process tests for you. This dramatically shortens the amount of time it takes for you to discover and understand what the corresponding test automation should be. The data is very accurate because it is synthesized using actual business process outcomes that were observed and mined from SAP – your SAP system. Matching regression test libraries can then be generated at the same scale as the number of discovered processes. This can provide a huge jump-start to customers just beginning their automation journey.

How Process Mining for SAP Works

Today, Process Mining is available for these SAP modules: Sales and Distribution, Materials Management, Warehouse Management and FICO. Implementation of the solution happens in four steps.

Step One: Mine To start the process, an SAP transport developed by Worksoft is run against the specified database. The transport is used to look into the historical records in your SAP system and automatically assemble the end-to-end business processes that have been performed in that system.

Step Two: Synthesize After mining is completed, the data is exported to Worksoft to be synthesized. The synthesis process turns that raw mined information into readable business process steps that can be used to create test automation.

Step Three: Visualize/Translate After the data is synthesized, it is imported into Analyze. The Worksoft professional services group is involved in the process and works with the client to analyze the data and provide recommendations on what processes should be run and how tests should be constructed.

Step Four: Accelerate The automation steps for the identified processes are then imported into Worksoft Certify. Complete regression banks can then be built and scheduled to run whenever needed – dramatically decreasing testing times and the risks of defects entering production.

Scale to Lights-Out Testing with Worksoft Execution Manager

Worksoft Execution Manager allows organizations to schedule and manage the unattended execution of Worksoft Certify for daily business process validation. This enables SAP companies to fully utilize their automated testing infrastructure and achieve “lights out” validation of critical business processes on a 24/7 basis. With Worksoft Execution Manager, users can group automated test scenarios, specify the order of automation tasks, define dependencies and check availability of resources from a single interface. Ensure the quality of your most important processes and systems around the clock, with the ability to easily manage and monitor business process validation execution.

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