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Perform Daily Business Process Validation

Worksoft Execution Manager allows organizations to schedule and manage the unattended execution of Worksoft Certify® for daily business process validation. This enables SAP companies to fully utilize their automated testing infrastructure and achieve “lights-out” validation of critical business processes on a 24/7 basis. With Worksoft Execution Manager, users can group automated test scenarios, specify the order of automation tasks, define dependencies, and check availability of resources from a single interface. Ensure the quality of your most important processes and systems around the clock with the ability to easily manage and monitor business process validation execution.

Pinpoint Changes and Focus Your Effort

Worksoft Impact is Worksoft’s automated risk–based testing solution that can identify, recommend, and execute end-to-end business process tests based on a set of proposed SAP® application changes and their relationships to your critical business processes. Worksoft Impact helps you analyze the contents of SAP Transports on a daily basis in your landscape, and then helps you efficiently validate the end-to-end business processes based on changes contained in the transport. Worksoft Impact identifies exactly where changes will occur – to help you focus your limited staff and QA resources in the most efficient way possible.

Accurate, Complete Process Documentation. It’s Easy.

Worksoft BPP is a web-based solution for generating comprehensive business process documentation from the Worksoft Certify® reusable asset library. Worksoft BPP simply and effectively creates “just in time” documentation from successful functional test results. The generated documents can be used to satisfy the ever-increasing demands for generating and maintaining accurate compliance and audit documentation of critical business processes in the face of constant change in the application landscape.

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