Automate with Confidence Using
Test Automation & RPA Synergies

The Forrester report, “RPA And Test Automation Are More Friends Than Foes,” outlines how automated testing and RPA technologies can work together to accelerate innovation and scale automation. Worksoft’s new Connective RPA was designed to do just that.

Leveraging Test Automation Tools & Best Practices to Maximize RPA Value

RPA And Test Automation Share Common Strengths - Enterprises are evaluating test automation platforms to support task automation for business applications. Similarly, they eye RPA for testing use cases. Overlaps exist, but so do clear areas of depth and differences.

RPA And Testing Tools Have Opportunity To Help Enterprises Scale Automation - Testing discipline, methods, and tools add structure and quality support that RPA bots need. Conversely, QA teams can use RPA platforms to build test scripts that refine complex business processes.

RPA Bot Maintenance, Resiliency, And Software Quality Inhibit Scale Maintaining - RPA-based bots is costly, challenging enterprise efforts to scale automation. Test automation tools can help.

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