Testing Above & Beyond Packaged Apps

Explore End-to-End Test Automation Capabilities with Worksoft Certify

True end-to-end testing must encompass all the components of a business process, not just those that happen within your packaged applications. As one Worksoft customer recently said, “I don't have a single business process that begins or ends in SAP. But every single business process I have transverses SAP.”

What else can you test with Worksoft Certify?

Considered the “gold standard” for SAP testing, Worksoft’s industry-leading Connective Automation platform also supports end-to-end testing for a complete range of ancillary applications, including web, mainframe, mobile, Microsoft Office, and more.

Join us Thursday, October 15 at 10 a.m. Central for a series of demonstrations of our proven test automation for:

  • Custom Web Applications – Testing ever-evolving web apps is a moving target, see how automation streamlines the process to ensure a consistent end user experience.
  • Mainframe – See recent enhancements to automate testing of this technology that remains vital to operational support of most critical applications.
  • Mobile – Mobile applications are being introduced and enhanced at a rapid rate. See how to automate testing to ensure functionality for processes that pass through your mobile apps.
  • Image Objects –View a demo of the latest enhancements to test image objects, including AI routine advancements that capture multiple resolutions.
  • Microsoft Office – Your business users perform a variety of steps in Excel and other MS Office applications, see how Certify ensures every click, drop down and function is tested.

Get the most out of Worksoft Certify by applying continuous test automation to every application in your end-to-end process.

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