Elevate Process Assurance with Codeless Test Automation

Proven Practices to Speed Innovation and Reduce Risk with Automated Testing for Complex Packaged Apps and Beyond

In today’s complex IT landscapes, even small changes can wreak havoc on your business processes. Whether you're testing for a major system upgrade or just trying to meet the demands of an ever-present push for innovation, it’s a challenge to keep up—especially if you’re testing manually.

What if you could drastically reduce testing time without sacrificing quality?

Cut delivery timelines, reduce manual labor, and ensure quality end-user experiences with codeless test automation designed for enterprise applications.

In this webinar, explore the best practices that leading global enterprises use to engage codeless test automation to expedite project timelines and ensure flawless execution of E2E business processes for complex packaged applications like SAP, Oracle, and Salesforce.

In this webinar, we demonstrate how to apply Test Automation to empower business and IT users to reap the benefits of:

  • Day Zero Value – Go from zero to automation faster and more efficiently when you engage business users in building automation that’s easy share and maintain
  • Horizontal Process Testing – Gain peace of mind, identify defects faster, and improve QA by testing business processes the way they actually run, spanning multiple applications within and beyond your ERP
  • Reusable Automation Assets – Create and share high-fidelity automation assets across projects, teams, and departments to scale value
  • Dynamic Change Resiliency – Use a patented approach to identify objects and streamline changes anytime they occur
  • Closed-Loop Automation – Expand the value of your test automation with process intelligence and RPA for premium process insights and maximum ROI and reusability

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