SAP Solution Manager 7.2 Business Blueprints

What if You Could Auto-Populate Business Blueprints in SAP Solution Manager 7.2? What Additional Value Could You Get?

Business blueprints are used in SAP Solution Manager to assess the impact of upcoming changes, optimize testing and configure system monitoring. An SAP Solution Manager business blueprint comprises the following structure elements in a hierarchy:

The more detailed and the more accurate your business blueprints, the more you get out of Solution Manager. Simple enough, right? Unfortunately, no. Traditionally, creating such blueprints has been a time-consuming and highly manual task. So much so that most organizations have just given up on the idea.

Auto-Populate SAP Business Blueprints with Worksoft Analyze

Leveraging the automated discovery functionality within Worksoft Analyze, users can quickly gather and identify the process steps they need to populate the blueprint and hierarchical catalog of business scenarios, business processes and business process steps within SAP Solution Manager 7.2.

Solution highlights include:

  • The ability to visualize SAP transaction flows across systems.
  • Coverage for non-SAP systems that are nested inside end-to-end workflows, so that the full process is documented.
  • Three options for creating documentation: Active Capture, Passive Capture and/or Process Mining (Zero-Touch). For companies who already have Worksoft Certify and are beginning their Solution Manager journey, they can easily harvest existing Certify processes.
  • Complete, documented business processes that can then be imported into Solution Manager 7.2 to populate the needed business blueprints.

Now That You Have a Great Business Blueprint, What Next?

Once you’ve updated your business blueprints, you’re ready to start testing! Worksoft Certify is fully integrated with Solution Manager 7.2. Business users can create test cases directly from the populated Blueprint. QA teams know exactly which business process they are testing and can refer to the blueprint documentation whenever there’s a question. QA can leverage system data containers to run tests against different target systems, and can pass data from test data containers to control test variants at runtime. QA can even use the same tests for functional testing and to generate TBOMs so you can take full advantage of SAP Solution Manager Business Process Change Analyzer (BPCA).


Real World Results

Learn how SAP’s internal IT Team achieved end-to-end test automation success with an integrated approach using SAP Solution Manager 7.2, SAP Solution Manager CBTA and Worksoft Certify.

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