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Worksoft offers a complete set of consulting and implementation services for bringing your automation strategy to fruition. Worksoft delivers services ranging from targeted development augmentation to fully outsourcing the development, maintenance and execution of automated business process testing.

Worksoft supports a geographically disbursed implementation model to enable both on-site discovery of business knowledge and processes and the use of skilled resources available off shore.

Frequently, companies don't have the resources to staff certain projects. In these cases, partner with Worksoft to deliver your solution. Leverage our geographic model for the support you need, wherever you need it, to provide both a higher quality and lower cost option.

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SAP Upgrade Support

Got SAP? Worksoft will support your major and minor SAP upgrades and shorten SAP upgrade project cycles with proven staff expertise.

Custom Services

Worksoft will work with you to create a customized project based on your specific project needs, timeframe, and resources, providing you with the flexibility that your business requires.

Compliance and Audit

Develop the necessary tests, procedures and documentation required to validate internal standards, industry standards and regulatory compliance controls – including Sarbanes-Oxley compliance.

Performance Services

Worksoft offers comprehensive performance and load testing so you can ensure the best possible user experience. We'll help you easily validate the behavior, capacity and user response time of an application under real world workload scenarios.


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