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Drive enterprise transformation and process optimization with confidence. Collaborate across teams, connect the dots, and manage change with a complete picture of your actual business processes.

Business Process Knowledge is Power

Worksoft Analyze delivers KPIs and LPIs in the context of business processes. Business Analysts and process professionals easily surface information in Analyze for the identification and diagnosis of process inefficiency, exceptions and regular workflows. Analyze has built-in metrics, and easily integrates with 3rd party systems for extended analysis.

Visualize. The Worksoft Analyze heat map concept places KPIs and metrics in the context of business processes, automatically scaling to the business activities and processes of interest. This makes the visual identification of outliers easy to identify for further investigation.

Correlate. Using two KPIs at once, Analyze performs correlation analysis. Easily compare utilization to performance, test coverage, failures, or any 3rd party system metric. Identifying outliners and best performers by complex, correlated data is as simple as a visual scan. Analyze makes the connection for even seemingly unrelated causes easy to spot.

Collaborate. Worksoft Analyze easily shares analysis and scenarios across Analyze users. Quickly create different workspaces for looking at and using business process knowledge. Workspaces can and often do overlap, allowing the same underlying business process knowledge to support many different projects and investigations. Analyze always reflects a full understanding of the known business process knowledge without requiring intervention or change by the user.

Worksoft Analyze helps customers transform business process

  • Identifying process practice outside the “happy path,” including outcomes beneficial and detrimental to the enterprise
  • Observing common areas of slow production and rework
  • Correlating KPIs and LPIs against process practice for unique business measurements
  • Driving best practice and efficient process into BPM and Process Reengineering systems
  • Measuring business process test coverage and reduce functionality risk after change

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