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Business Process Discovery

Business process discovery is the act of identifying and understanding your company’s actual business processes and all their variations. It’s also the first step in process improvement projects and quality assurance, and essential for business process training, audit, and compliance. Worksoft automates business process discovery – making it faster, more accurate, more visual, and much less costly.
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Discover, Visualize and Analyze End-to-End Processes.

Traditionally, mapping business processes has been a manual effort. Consultants can cost thousands of dollars – and then there's the business disruption of extensive interviews for your staff. Then when it's done, all that effort can quickly become outdated!

Another challenge with interviews is that people tend to describe an ideal process rather than what they are actually doing. So even though the overall process is captured, it may not reflect what is actually occurring in the business. There's a better way.

Get to the real process faster. Worksoft automation software overcomes these obstacles by “watching” business users perform their normal activities in their enterprise apps – ERP applications, web apps, and many more. Worksoft's technology then links together business processes across different end-users and organizational silos, giving you an accurate view of the real end-to-end process and all its variations.

Visualize and analyze. The value in capturing this level of detail is enormous. Accurate business flow chart diagrams can be automatically created, complete with detailed documentation of every process step performed by the user, including screenshots of the enterprise application at each step. The visual process flow also includes heat maps and analytics to help prioritize investment in process improvement initiatives.

Automatic, accurate process docs. Worksoft also automates the tedious and time consuming task of generating business process documents. Automation makes document generation for training, audit, SOX, FDA, and other regulatory compliance activities as easy as a click of the button.

Liberate your business analysts. Automation results in much more accurate, always up-to-date process maps, deeper process understanding, and frees business analysts to perform their real job - which is business process optimization.

Please contact us to learn more about automation for business process discovery, and how it can jump start your process improvement, documentation, and quality initiatives.