Consolidations & Splits

Looking at a merger? Consolidating SAP instances or data centers? Spinning off a business unit? Worksoft automation ensures a smooth transition – and that every business process works during and after re-structuring.

Automation Ensures The Fastest Possible Transition

When it comes to the IT side of mergers, consolidations, and splits, the success of the restructuring can be defined by the lack of drama. Smooth, continuous business operations. No delays because of IT systems. Seamless business integration. Automation with Worksoft Certify makes that possible.

These projects are especially challenging because they can bring an unprecedented number of application changes – removing, adding, and restructuring processes, transferring data, changing interfaces, and introducing new applications.

Mergers, acquisitions, consolidations, and internal reorganizations impact technology, IT infrastructure and business applications – which can introduce risk to your business process continuity. Worksoft helps ensure success on the IT side with experience in large and small enterprise system consolidations and splits.

Eliminate the drama.

Organizations must ensure that with every change, critical business processes continue to function as designed. Worksoft provides the functional test automation software to validate that processes are executed with the highest quality – before, during, and after the project. Business operations can't stop because you are in the midst of a reorganization:

  • Eliminate the risk of business disruption with a seamless restructuring of your business systems
  • Ensure quality execution of core business processes during and after a system consolidation or split
  • Validate business processes that span multiple platforms, interfaces, geographies, and devices
  • Mitigate technology risk with the ability to catch and resolve production errors before they impact business users
  • Reduce project time and cost by eliminating manual testing effort
  • Maximize the likelihood of a successful merger or acquisition with successful technology integration

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