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Accelerate business process discovery with Worksoft’s innovative technology. Achieve high fidelity insight automatically, without costly interviews or tedious manual effort.

Automated Discovery Accelerates Innovation

Worksoft Analyze offers two discovery approaches. These can be used independently or together to accelerate business process discovery and produce the highest fidelity insight offered in industry.

Process Mining for SAP® is one way to jump start continuous business process discovery. It does this by automatically analyzing historical data and documents from enterprise applications and constructing accurate process flows.

With just a transport, Process Mining automatically identifies and mines unique performances of business processes across SAP modules including Sales & Distribution, Materials Management and Warehouse Management. The recovery is automatic, with no special requirements of IT or business users. The result is business process knowledge and understanding in record time.

Process Mining also features Worksoft Synthesis technology, which transforms mined data into executable business processes. Customers can recreate the end user steps required to re-perform the business process from an end user perspective. This creates business process discovery with enough fidelity for Robotic Process Automation or automated testing using Worksoft Certify®.

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Worksoft’s Capture technology

Worksoft’s Capture technology offers a second approach that discovers business processes from the end user’s perspective. Capture supports any Web or SAP application and operates in the background as users perform their jobs as usual. Without touching IT infrastructure or requiring back-end change, Capture works even when other discovery technologies present technical barriers.

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Interactive Capture is ideal for the Business Analyst or Subject Matter Expert. The technology allows users to choose exactly when they want to capture interactions with applications. With Interactive Capture, perfect fidelity of the performed business process is discovered, including interaction screen shots and details.

Passive Capture is ideal for the end user. Without disrupting or inconveniencing staff, Passive Capture continuously identifies when applications of interest are in use, and automatically documents the business process performance. Passive captures are summarized and sorted automatically, systematically developing an aggregate picture of business processes in the enterprise with very high accuracy.

Automated Documentation Saves Time and Money

Worksoft’s continuous business process discovery also helps take the pain out of generating and maintaining up-to-date business process documentation. Because Worksoft Analyze has captured every business process function, keystroke and transaction, generating detailed documentation is as easy as clicking a button.

With this comprehensive documentation, companies can:

  • Analyze business flow diagrams with heat maps and process variations, as well as process steps with screen captures.
  • Effortlessly collaborate to identify risks and areas for improvement.
  • Easily create step-by step-training materials that include a narrative of each process step along with sample data, full screenshots, and even highlighted data entry fields used for every transaction.
  • Provide auditors with up-to-date flow charts describing the overall process as well as detailed step-by-step documentation.

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