New Implementations

The new implementation of enterprise software can be daunting. Worksoft automation helps you hit project timelines and ensure successful adoption with a high quality implementation.

Ensure Project Success with Automated Testing

Introducing a new enterprise application can mean change for every business process that it touches. Worksoft automation helps ensure that there is no detrimental impact when you bring in new technologies, and that every business process functions properly before, during, and after implementation. That’s the key to a high-quality, glitch-free user experience and rapid adoption of any new technology.

Take an end-to-end approach. Worksoft Certify automates the functional testing of mission-critical processes end-to-end across complex application landscapes, including web technologies, mobile apps, hybrid cloud environments, and dozens of enterprise applications, including SAP, Oracle, and many more.

More on-time, on-budget. New digital technologies need to be delivered fast, on-time, and on budget. Shorten project timelines, reduce operational costs, and mitigate technology risk with Worksoft’s functional test automation software. There's no better way to ensure that your digital strategy is successful than by accelerating the speed and efficiency of new software deployments.

The Automation Portfolio: A Permanent Corporate Asset

Once Worksoft test automation is in place, you have a corporate asset that is easily maintained and can be re-used again and again, project after project. The benefits are permanent:

  • Shorten project timelines by 40% or more
  • Deploy business-critical software with improved quality assurance
  • Increase the pace of innovation with on-time delivery of new enterprise software
  • Minimize technology risk with the ability to detect defects before the business is impacted
  • Reduce costs by eliminating unreliable, time-consuming manual testing
  • Ensure business process quality on a 24/7/365 basis
  • Enable subject matter experts and business analysts to focus on other higher value activities

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