Test Automation Acceleration

Accelerate Test Automation Creation and Accuracy with Worksoft Analyze and Transferable Automation

Great Test Automation Starts with Great Documentation

Effective test automation starts with discovering and documenting how users interact with applications to achieve desired business outcomes. Before testing can begin, the following questions must be answered

  • What critical processes need to be tested?
  • How do they need to be tested?
  • What are the business risks if execution fails?


Traditional methods of capturing this knowledge manually have proven to be expensive and burdensome. Worst of all, information is often incomplete and inaccurate, and/or quickly becomes outdated. Even with good documentation, there is the challenge of building the corresponding test automation.



Hit the Test Automation Creation “Easy” Button with Worksoft Analyze

By applying our expertise in test automation to the information-gathering phase of system change projects, Worksoft has been able to solve one of the biggest challenges in testing – getting good business process documentation quickly. Automated business process discovery and documentation are essential prerequisites for accelerating enterprise test automation projects. Benefits of this approach include the ability to:

  • Quickly gain accurate insight and understanding of how end users actually use applications in the real world
  • Start testing faster than with any other solution because requirements gathering and documentation are done automatically – shaving weeks or months off every project
  • Realize the proven benefits of test automation sooner because captured information is automatically converted into automated tests
  • Achieve seamless collaboration between the business and IT to ensure that every business process is tested

Transferable Automation: The New Must-Have in Test Automation

The core principle of transferable automation is to build automation once that can be used by multiple teams for different purposes. With Analyze, nontechnical functional experts can use Capture to discover, document and visualize an end‑to-end business process and generate automation. The automation can then be transferred immediately to the QA team to use for test automation or to the operations team for robotic process automation (RPA). This enables automation to be built much earlier in the project lifecycle and at a much greater scale, because non-technical users across the organization can create automation simultaneously.

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Dairy Company Cuts Testing Man-Hours by 29% with Automated Discovery for Large SAP Consolidation Project

A large dairy company was looking to streamline operations by consolidating several instances of SAP running across their organization. They were using manual testing, which was time-consuming and error-prone. They knew in order to ensure the success of the SAP consolidation project, they would have to leverage test automation. The challenge? They lacked knowledge and documentation for most of the processes they needed to automate. Since traditional methods of capturing this information would take far too long, they needed an automated solution. To overcome this, the client distributed the Worksoft Analyze Capture agent to business users across the organization. These users then performed their normal day-to-day activities with the Capture agent running in the background. Captures were loaded into Analyze, and key processes were identified and consolidated. The steps for the optimized processes were then transferred to the test automation team, which enabled them to create the end-to-end test library needed to support the system consolidation.

Automating the discovery of detailed business process knowledge by the business and test teams concurrently eliminated an expensive step in the project’s execution.