Transferable Automation for Better Business Results

Get the Most out of Your Automation Journey with Assets that are Easily Transferable Across Users, Actions, Projects, and Vendors.

Doing more things in parallel is key to shortening release life cycles and becoming more agile. Parallel working requires enhanced collaboration and the ability to easily share assets. Core to Worksoft’s value is the creation of automated documents and test cases that can be easily transferred across multiple team members and third-party vendors. With Worksoft’s 100% code-free architecture, we assure assets are not only easy to share but also easy to create, edit, and maintain.

Below are just a few examples of how Worksoft automation created by one user can be transferred to another to accelerate a project or increase ROI.

Automated Capture – A business analyst uses capture to auto-generate documents, process flow charts, and supporting Certify test scripts that can then be imported by the QA team.
Vendor Shared Processes – Test processes created by a third-party are passed to internal teams on completion of a one-time project.
Disaster Recovery Validation – Test processes developed by the QA team for critical business processes are run as smoke tests in a DR production environment for validation and reporting.
Compliance Report – Certify Business Process Procedure (BPP) reports run as part of quarterly regression are used by the compliance team for SOX reporting.
Finance Process Automation – Automation developed by the QA team for validating month-end procedures is used to close hundreds of records at quarter end.

RETHINK Automation – Automate First with Automated Discovery

Even within the most agile environments, the creation of test automation is still a linear process. First, we write the test requirements, then the documents are created, then somebody creates the automation, then someone runs it. But what if we stop thinking linearly? What if we think about how we can create automation that can be immediately transferred to other users to perform more activities things in parallel? Instead of manually creating a document with written steps, screen shots, and process flow charts, we instead use automation to auto-generate the written steps, capture the associated screens, and create the visual flow. Because software was used to capture the business processes, the steps are immediately available to be transferred to the QA team to create test cases.

Increase Productivity by Transferring Test Processes Across Internal and External Teams

Maintaining enterprise applications such as SAP can require the help of numerous resources. Often companies choose to work with outside vendors to augment their internal teams. Transferring automated test projects among users dramatically increases productivity and ROI.

Worksoft Certify enables users and third-party vendors to easily package a process with all of its related dependencies, sub-processes, record sets, record filters, layouts, and variables into a zip file that can be exported out of one Certify database/environment into a new one. Vendors can package all the automation they created at the end of a project for future internal use, and internal users can easily share tests rather than re-creating them. Tests can also be easily scaled across multiple devices and run in parallel.

Shift-Right: Accelerate Operations by Transferring Automation into Production

here are many manual activities that go on within a typical large enterprise. If you look around your organization, you’ll see there are many other things you could easily be automating. When you build a test case with Worksoft Certify, you are capturing the exact actions of a real user, key by key, field by field, system by system. With a bit of variabilization, that same automation can be run in production to eliminate many repetitive manual tasks - easily saving time and money. Every day Worksoft customers uncover new ways to leverage automation to eliminate hours of repetitive manual tasks in their organizations.

In addition, to process automation, operations teams get added value by leveraging automation scripts for DR validations and compliance reporting. With Worksoft transferable automation, there are no limits to the way automation can be applied - or the value it can bring!