What’s New with Worksoft Certify

Accelerate Testing with New Features in Worksoft Certify

Other Versions: 10.0.1 10.1 11

Enhanced User Experience (UX): New Ribbon Bar and Faster Navigation Based on Color

Requirements are orange, processes are blue, Certify has an all new UI, that is even easier to use!

The new Certify UI features:

  • An updated set of buttons that are bolder and easier to use.
  • Enhanced navigation that put the most used functionality front and center with vivid colors.
  • Make it easy to tell what you’ve selected, what window your working in, and what your open processes are.

Additional changes made in the new UI include:

  • Enhancements to the use table controls that make filtering and sorting easier.
  • Refinements to the process tray, sharpening up the icons and the lines, making them easier to visually navigate and understand where you are.
  • Updated tree control icons that are now very literal – green check used when something passes. Red X – when something fails.

Tethered Mobile Device Testing

Run Certify Mobile tests on locally connected devices. We’ve teamed up with Experitest to enable mobile testing in a digital assurance lab. Now you can have an on-premise view of devices - Android or Apple - attached to your PC. Devices can be shared across multiple tasks and you can also go to privately hosted when needed. Key features include:

  • Delivered in conjunction with Experitest Digital Assurance Lab
    • On premise USB attached devices
    • Shared local devices
    • Cloud hosted SAAS for device diversity
  • Capture support
  • Live Touch support

FAST and EASY Oracle E-Business Suite Testing

Now you can test Oracle forms with the same ease you get from using Worksoft Certify for any of your other applications. Key features include:

  • NEW! Interface specific to Oracle Forms
  • Out of the Box Rich Object Recognition
  • Super-fast Live Touch
  • Lightning fast playback
  • Fully automatic object recognition

Change Management: Process Export, Import and Merge

In Certify 10.0.3 Worksoft takes the concept of transferable automation to the next level by making it easier to maintain and share your process libraries between users, projects and databases.

Maybe you’ve paid a vendor to create automation for you or you just want to transfer an automated process from pre-prod to production. Now you can quickly and easily package up and move all the required assets.

Separate Databases for Production Results and Development – Easily manage moving processes between environments for versioning and promotion. Change management is easy to adopt allowing large scale deployments to share processes across databases geographically and across development and production environments.

Import and Export of Assets between Projects – Quickly and easily package up a process with all of its related dependencies, sub-process, record sets, record filters, layouts and variables into a zip file that can be exported out of a Certify database/environment into a new one. Upon import, all of the relative folder structure, hierarchy, layouts and data is retained and you’re ready to edit and run.

Process Compare and Merge – In Certify 10.0.1 we introduced process compare which lets you see two processes highlighting the differences between steps, data, and attributes. The ability to manually review processes and then merge is new in Certify 10.0.3 and is different from prior cut, paste, and copy functionality. Upon import Certify checks to see if there are any processes that have the same name, or folders with the same name. If there are no conflicts, Certify will then complete the merge itself. If there is a conflict, meaning there were two processes with the same name, Certify will then ask the user to make a decision on that conflict. The user can choose to overwrite, or perform an individual merge by deciding which one needs to be merged and which remains as-is.