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Digital Business Transformation Requires a Business Driven Test Automation Approach

Ensuring quality and reducing the risks associated with today’s enterprise applications require more than just testing. Whether you test manually, use scripts, or take a model-based approach, you still need to ensure that you’re testing the right things.

But how do you know which are the right things to test? Enterprise applications are becoming increasingly complex. Business processes often cross multiple modules within a single application that then connects to many other applications. Much of the time invested in digital transformation efforts is spent discovering and documenting existing business processes, yet months later, companies frequently find themselves with incomplete or already outdated documentation.

To address this growing challenge, Worksoft built an extensive automated business process discovery and analysis solution that integrates seamlessly with our top-ranked testing platform. This unique approach dramatically reduces the time needed to discover, document, and prioritize critical end-to-end business processes, and accelerates the creation and execution of automated test libraries.

What Customers Say About Worksoft

We used to use QTP, but the ability of Worksoft in the SAP automation space compelled us to make the transition.

IT Central Station (Real User Review)

We’ve been an innovative company since day one. So, being able to run the numbers and make a business case to our executives that automating our testing environment had a short ROI was extremely beneficial.

Eric Woodworth VSP Global

Because there is no syntax involved with Worksoft Certify, process and actions are more like executable documentation, making maintenance much easier.

IT Central Station (Real User Review)

Key Capabilities of Business Driven Test Automation

When evaluating enterprise business-driven test automation solutions, we recommend considering the following key capabilities:

  • Automated business process discovery and analytics that both business and QA users can leverage
  • Coverage for all technologies, including web, hybrid cloud, mobile, packaged, custom, mainframes, and big data
  • Cross-browser and platform support
  • Risk-based testing and impact analysis
  • Integration with leading DevOps and ALM systems
  • Advanced reporting, analytics, and document generation
  • Partnerships with leading systems integrators and consulting organizations
  • Facilitation of robotic automation of repetitive, low-skill functions

Worksoft Technical Advantages

Comprehensive Suite of Script-Free Tools

Highly adaptive, patented object action technology eliminates traditional scripting, prevents breakage, and delivers the most highly resilient automation platform available.

Automated Business Process Discovery & Documentation

Save time and money by auto-discovering as-is business processes across any packaged, customized, or mobile app deployed on-premises or in the cloud.

Business Process Validation and Change Impact Analysis

Automate more than 200 steps in 100 seconds, validate over 80% of your critical business processes, and run more tests more often.

Cross-Browser, Cross- Application Support

Worksoft supports major browsers, including IE, Firefox, and Chrome, with desktop technologies like SAP GUI, Java, Mainframe, .Net, VB, and Web Services, and 40+ packaged applications.

The SAP Quality Experts

SAP is the single largest technology investment for many companies. As a critical part of your ability to do business, ensuring end-to-end quality for SAP systems is a must. In addition to having one of the most robust testing portfolios in the industry for SAP, Worksoft also makes it possible to auto-discover and analyze business processes. Plus, our innovative Zero Touch Process Mining technology enables you to use existing SAP historical records. Results are displayed in visual models and can be used to easily generate regression test libraries at scale.

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