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Lights-Out Regression Testing at Full Velocity with Automated Test Orchestration

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Achieve 100% Automated Regression Testing without Working Nights and Weekends

Regression testing usually tops the list when it comes to test automation. Regression tests for enterprise applications like SAP, Oracle and, which typically need to be driven from a UI the same way the user interacts with the UI, present unique challenges when trying to automate. Achieving high levels of automated regression testing many times requires running tests unattended during non-peak business hours. This creates several unique challenges: the computer needs to be on; a specific user needs to be logged into the desktop; the screen can’t be locked; and tests need to be orchestrated in sequence with complex dependencies across multiple devices in multiple labs on premise or in the cloud. Without the right tools to help, teams may have to work around the clock to meet testing deadlines.

Scale Regression Testing with Worksoft Execution Manager

Worksoft Execution Manager enables testing teams to scale regression testing by enabling users to specify the order of automation tasks, define dependencies, and check availability of resources from a single interface. Execution Manager handles logging into machines, load balancing the execution, launching tests, taking screen shots, and reporting results back to Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) platforms.

Include all Your End-to-End Tests in Continuous Testing and Continuous Integration Cycles

Worksoft Execution Manager gives users the control to schedule and run UI driven end-to-end tests as part of continuous integration and continuous testing cycles at scale across multiple devices simultaneously.

Most continuous build servers can’t be used for UI driven tests because they run processes in a headless mode. Testing desktop and mobile applications via a UI requires a solid desktop that can be used to run, capture screen, and log users on and off. Execution Manager addresses these problems by creating a lab of windows desktops that are logged into remotely to run tests and take clear screen shots. When the test is done, the machine is logged off.

Learn more about Continuous Testing and Continuous Integration enablement with Worksoft Execution Manager.

What is Lights Out Testing (LOT)?

Lights Out Testing (LOT) provides the ability to execute regression testing at pre-determined times. Tests can be scheduled to run linear, in parallel, or based on passing and failing of previous tests. This flexibility enables used to schedule any number of test execution combinations.

Key benefits of Lights Out Testing Include:

  • Maximize use of off-hour bandwidth and infrastructure
  • Minimize overtime and increase user productivity (run more tests per user)
  • Schedule tests to run in parallel and maximize testing windows

Because we’re covering all of the business processes in an automated fashion, we’re finding defects that also give us a snapshot of the data that’s causing a script to fail. Because we’re now on a 24-hour testing cycle, we can isolate the cause more efficiently, which also results in cost savings.

Sada KrishnanIT Project Manager, Reliant

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