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Discover and Visualize
End-to-End Business Processes Without Interrupting Daily Routines

Automatically capture and get a deeper understanding of your company’s actual business processes and all their variations. Worksoft automates business process discovery, making it faster, more accurate, more visual, and much less costly. No disruptive interviews. No time delays. Just precise and reusable process documentation that you can use for compliance or training materials, as well as to drive process improvement, mitigate risks, and identify candidates for test automation and RPA.

Business Process Discovery

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Automated Process Documentation and Automation Artifacts for Testing and RPA

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Easily Create, Maintain, Share, and Reuse End-to-End Automated Tests at Scale

Worksoft’s codeless platform is built to test complex processes that span multiple applications as part of continuous testing, integration, or delivery cycles. Our patented Object Action Framework models the application being tested into a series of objects. A centralized database stores test steps separate from objects, allowing you to perform an update once when an application or test step changes. All related tests are updated automatically.

A reusable automation asset library helps speed migrations and makes it easy to generate comprehensive business process documentation for compliance or training purposes. You can also schedule and run unattended remote testing from anywhere at any time, ensuring business processes continue to work.

End-to-End Test Creation

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Test-Run Execution


Automated Continuous Testing

Automate Production Processes to Focus on Higher Value Tasks

Increase efficiency by liberating your resources from manual, repetitive processes. Worksoft allows you to easily repurpose your test automation for RPA in production environments. Simply point and click to create connections between test automation and business databases, or even Microsoft Word and Excel. You can then run this automation from a user’s desktop to perform the function, eliminating error and freeing up time. Since the RPA is grounded in a continuous testing environment, it’s flexible enough to thrive in even the most complex production environments without breaking.

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Automation for All Your Enterprise Applications

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Worksoft Platform Highlights

Platform Icon: Discover Business Process
Automated discovery captures as-they-run businesses process without interrupting users.
Platform Icon: Object Action Framework
Object Action Framework ensures tests are resilient to application or process changes.
Platform Icon: Run end-to-end continuous tests
Run end-to-end continuous tests of desktop, mobile, web, and packaged applications from anywhere at any time.
Platform Icon: codeless platform
100-percent codeless platform allows nontechnical and technical users to work in parallel.
Platform Icon: Scaled Agile Framework
Scaled Agile Framework supports a truly collaborative, iterative process.
Platform Icon: Reuse automation assets
Reuse automation assets seamlessly across various project phases.
Platform Icon: Integrate tools
Integrate with popular CI/CD tools.
Platform Icon: Flexible Architecture
Flexible architecture works the way you do: on-premises, hybrid, or in a private cloud.

Accelerate Results with the Industry-Leading Automation Experts

  • For decades, we’ve led the industry in continuous test automation. Our strong legacy in testing SAP applications and superior customer support, combined with our commitment to continuously improving our Connective Automation Platform gives Worksoft customers the competitive advantage they need to succeed. It’s why hundreds of leading global enterprises, including SAP continue to turn to us to enable their digital transformations.
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