Automate End-to-End Business Process Discovery with Worksoft Analyze

Complex, Unique & Clearly Defined

As your organization drives digital transformation, understanding your complex business processes is essential. But this understanding requires detailed input from business users who are often too busy to provide the complete and accurate information necessary to discover, document and test processes effectively.

Explore the power of codeless capture to discover and document every detail of your business processes. Worksoft Analyze empowers organizations to expedite project timelines and reduce risk by digitally capturing the steps in your actual business process—not simulations or renderings. Analyze then generates detailed documentation that can be used to jump-start automation efforts.

During the Webinar, you’ll learn how Analyze supports digital transformation by enabling users to:

  • Gain comprehensive, accurate data on business processes
  • Scale discovery and documentation with automation
  • Create “business blueprints” to support analysis and process improvement
  • Ease the burden on business users
  • Accelerate test automation with seamless integration

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