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Process Intelligence Powering Enterprise Test Automation 

Enterprise-wide process discovery drives change-resilient test automation trusted by more leading global enterprises for business process optimization, continuous automated testing, and RPA.


Scalable Test Automation
Built for Change

Accelerate time to market and boost quality assurance with the leading automated testing tool that’s easy to use and maintain.


Achieve True Business
Process Understanding

Capture and analyze your actual business processes to gain unparalleled automated process discovery and the process intelligence to reveal opportunities to automate and optimize with business process testing.



Maximize Your ROI with Connective Production Process Automation
Create Change-Resilient Automation and Streamline Maintenance Using Object Recognition Capabilities

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Accelerate Automation and Maximize ROI with As-Is Process Understanding 

True understanding of your as-is process state is the key to achieving intelligent test automation at speed and scale. Unlike other testing platforms that don't provide comprehensive coverage and understanding of your E2E processes, Worksoft allows users to easily capture and leverage 360-degree process insights to accelerate automation efforts and improve the overall quality and efficiency of your automation efforts.

 Recognized as the "gold standard" for automated testing for complex applications like SAP, Oracle, Salesforce and more, our code-free connective automation platform breaks down silos between business users and IT and allows them to easily capture and create business process automation for pre and post-production.

understand and de-risk complex business processes, gain insights on how to maximize automation ROI, and track ongoing process optimization results. With Worksoft, you can be assured of the best-in-class automation software that can help you achieve your automation goals and streamline your business processes.


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Truly Resilient and Scalable Test Automation Powered by Process Intelligence

Prove immediate impact and automation ROI with a single platform that allows you to discover, document, reuse and scale end-to-end process automation across applications.


Designed for the complex enterprise, Worksoft employs a closed-loop approach to intelligent automation, creating unprecedented value from one cohesive automation platform for both pre- and post-production environments. With Worksoft, automation assets are no longer siloed between disparate systems and solutions. Instead, automation can be created, shared, and repurposed to understand, optimize, and run your business processes—all from a single platform. As a result, the Worksoft Connective Automation Platform delivers game-changing process insights, unmatched scalability, and exponential ROI growth potential by connecting process intelligence, testing and robotic process automation.

Connective RPA
Build Bots with Speed & Ease

Fast track automation ROI with Testing + RPA

Unlike systems that require costly and time-consuming bot development, our Connective RPA lets you repurpose your process automation to quickly and easily move automation into production, avoiding duplicative efforts, expediting bot development, and facilitating faster ROI. This RPA tool provides a control tower for scheduling, reporting and workflow management with built-in functionality for security, governance and lifecycle management. By combining test automation and RPA, you can eliminate bot fragility and create more resilient RPA with unmatched speed, scale and peace of mind.

Automated Testing
Accelerate Change with Confidence

Codeless, continuous testing drives quality without compromise

Reduce risk and drive quality assurance with automated testing using Worksoft Certify, the robust automation engine embedded in the Connective Automation Platform. Designed to handle the complex business processes of enterprise packaged applications, our test automation software is used by world-leading enterprises for SAP testing, Oracle testing and beyond. Our change-resilient test automation empowers enterprises to de-risk business processes, saving time and money while accelerating innovation and enabling exceptional customer experiences.

Process Discovery
Code-Free Capture for All

Identify process steps to expedite automation & boost insights

What are your as-is business processes? Without a clear understanding of your existing processes, it can be hard to define and build reliable process automation. Our automated process discovery empowers business users to digitally capture their step-by-step processes, generating high-fidelity automation assets that can be used to build automated tests and RPA. Skip time-consuming interviews and time and motion studies with a proven process capture tool that works like your users, spanning across packaged applications as well as web, custom, mobile apps and more.

Process Intelligence
360° Process Analytics & Insights

Optimize business outcomes with AI-driven process understanding

Business process understanding is a top priority as digital transformation goals shift to process optimization with measurable business outcomes. Our process intelligence tool provides 360˚ process insights by combining and aligning process data from process discovery, process mining, and other process data. You get premium process visibility and process analytics that identify candidates for automation, drive process optimization, and monitor and measure the impact.

Intelligent Automation
For Better Business Outcomes

Engage Worksoft Connective Automation to reduce risk, improve quality and accelerate delivery for key strategic initiatives.

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Digital Optimization
Define and track opportunities to drive process optimization and process improvement.
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Major Migrations
Ensure delivery without disruption, streamlining upgrades to SAP S/4HANA, Oracle EBS and more.
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Mergers & Acquisitions
Reduce risk as you consolidate operations with a clear understanding of pre- and post-merger processes.
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Change Management
Navigate change with confidence with automated continuous testing and rapid defect resolution