Automated Testing for SuccessFactors:
Empower Employees and Ensure Process Excellence

Many organizations are creating a competitive advantage by moving their HR and people management processes to the cloud. And SAP SuccessFactors remains one of the most popular and versatile options in helping teams improve operational and financial efficiency while maximizing employee engagement. 

Watch our on-demand webinar to explore how teams can engage test automation for SAP SuccessFactors to modernize their HR infrastructure and drive process excellence company-wide, enriching the experience for customers and employees alike. In this webinar, discover how Worksoft for SuccessFactors allows you to: 

  • Transform the way HR analysts, testers, and compliance teams collaborate by automating business process documentation and reporting 
  • Break down siloes between analysts, developers, and testers by providing a framework that accurately reflects your "as-is" user activity – and future, "to-be" improvements on the way 
  • Create continuous testing libraries that feed directly into DevOps pipelines and integrate with popular CI tools like Jira
  • Extend automation to mobile devices
  • Automatically update tests as new versions of SuccessFactors and Fiori are released, decreasing overall maintenance costs – and headaches

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