Build Your Automation Fabric to Reshape Your Digital Destiny
On-Demand Webinar

Digital transformation is entering a new epoch in which automation is a critical competency. To remain competitive, applying automation tools that move beyond just automating tasks or processes and helping them reimagine operating models through automation is paramount to reaching the goal of the autonomous enterprise. To attain this, firms must evolve an enterprise-wide automation fabric that weaves workforce, processes, and technology together and promotes an automation-first culture.

An automation fabric compels organizations to focus on process digitization, harmonization, and optimization, thus providing a stable, resilient substrate for infusing machine intelligence deep into operational processes.

In this on-demand webinar, Worksoft Head of Product Lawrence Rankin and guest speaker, Forrester Principal Analyst Leslie Joseph, will explore the following:

  • Preparing your organization's automation fabric
  • Avoiding the dangers of automation monoculture
  • Building a scaffolding of process excellence
  • Importance of utilizing process intelligence and intelligent automation to enable business process quality improvement
  • Applying automation solutions that focus on operational resilience across the entire enterprise and process journey

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