Change-Resilient Automation for ERP & Beyond

Using AI to Scale Enterprise Automation Value and Build Easy-to-Maintain Bots

Why do a significant number of automation projects fail? In a word: Change. Software releases, Agile development and process changes can all impact the flow of an automated end-to-end process. While some modern systems have made it relatively easy to build process automation, scaling and maintaining automation is another story. As business processes and complex applications like SAP and Oracle continuously evolve, it’s difficult and time-consuming to update bots, draining the ROI from most initiatives.

Watch this webinar and learn how to avoid traditional limits on the scope and benefits of enterprise automation with a change-resilient approach that streamlines maintenance using object recognition techniques.

In this webinar we’ll explore how to:

  • Unlock the full potential of automation, even in the midst of pervasive, persistent change
  • Use sophisticated AI routines and a patented object framework to create and maintain reliable bots
  • Avoid tedious manual updates for ever-changing business processes in SAP and beyond
  • Assign objects to replicate and expedite changes, whether large or small
  • Build reusable automation that streamlines maintenance and delivers value at scale

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