Agile Continuous Testing for Agile+DevOps

Agile Continuous Testing provides the peace of mind that an organization’s most important and complex end-to-end processes are validated thoroughly and often. Come learn how to extend your end-to-end testing into Azure’s DevOps (ADO) environment including DevOps CI/CD pipeline to identify, evaluate and mitigate risks that may have negative impacts to platforms and cloud systems.

This webinar, co-hosted by Stan Butler, Principal Software Developer for Shane Co. and Chris Kraus, VP, Product Management for Worksoft, will explore:

  • How can Worksoft help development teams expand their Azure DevOps to include app testing and delivery of a flawless user experience
  • Why an automated testing solution is critical to supporting your CI/CD process and ensuring Agile development
  • How Worksoft automation addresses the challenge of enabling comprehensive, continuous testing
  • Real world example of how deploying regression test beds in an ADO pipeline can provide maximum visibility of how business processes are validated.

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