Certify 11.5 | Automation features and resources to help you navigate change with confidence

Change is a constant for any business. Companies around the world are navigating unprecedented circumstances, which are generating new and expanded needs to minimize disruption and maximize efficiency. 

Our intelligent automation was designed to maintain business continuity and enable organizations to navigate change with confidence. And we continue to innovate and offer new ways to empower our users to do more with less.

Complete the form at right to instantly access our April 2020 webinar and learn about the latest efficiency-boosting features of Worksoft Certify, our industry-leading enterprise automation solution, plus remote resources available to support your business objectives during uncertain times.

This webinar, co-hosted by Worksoft Vice President of Product Management Chris Kraus and Worksoft Senior Director of Customer Success and Education, Rick Thorn, explores:

  • Demonstration of new, efficiency-boosting features of Worksoft Certify 11.5, including:

    • Magic Search – A new AI-driven process search designed to find duplicate processes and keep automation libraries clean

    • Capture Updates – A new version of Capture, building on the adoption success of our popular process discovery feature

    • Easy Visual Object Creation – The ability to create visual objects in Capture allows users to quickly build graphic validation and OCR while capturing

  • Tips and tricks for maximizing the value of shared automation with remote teams

  • Overview of established digital delivery resources available to help you stay productive and educated from anywhere

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