Fast Track Automation with Codeless Process Discovery

How Automated Discovery of Your Business Processes Creates Immediate Value and Accelerates Project Timelines

You’re ready to engage automation to expedite tasks, do more with less and even speed up the testing process for major migrations. But how can you truly understand your processes and know which steps to automate? And how can you identify them accurately and comprehensively without time-consuming interviews or costly time and motion studies?

Watch this on-demand webinar to explore how global enterprises are successfully creating and scaling automation by engaging business and IT users alike with codeless process discovery that captures step-by-step business processes with the touch of a button. This easy-to-use process capture is a key component of the market’s only closed-loop automation engine that’s designed to build and run automation in both pre- and post-production.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how automated process discovery can empower you to:

  • Engage business users, production users, testers, and QA teams in the process of building automation–without disrupting their day jobs
  • Quickly develop automation for your exact configurations and task flows, instead of working backward from someone else's prebuilt standards
  • Be confident that the end-to-end business processes you’re automating are accurate and ready to use for both testing and RPA
  • Customize your automated process discovery output to include validations, comments, and screenshots, plus generate compliance-ready documentation
  • Drive a deeper level of process understanding by combining process captures with other process data to identify opportunities to automate and optimize

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