Optimize Your Digital Commerce Apps and Secure Seamless Experiences with Performance Testing

With the explosive growth of the e-commerce market over the past two years, converting incoming traffic into loyal customers and providing a seamless experience to end-users is more important than ever before. The performance of your digital commerce apps has a direct correlation to customer conversion and revenue generation. For pages that take longer than three seconds to load, 48% of buyers will abandon the site. Measuring application response times under load conditions for key user actions like displaying results of a product search, rendering PDP, adding/removing items from the cart, placing an order, etc on a regular basis is critical to identifying performance bottlenecks and eliminating problems that reduce conversion and bleed revenue.

In this webinar, discover how leading digital commerce companies and platform vendors are using eureQa, a Worksoft company, to:

  • Test application performance for millions of transactions per day
  • Identify performance bottlenecks in business workflows
  • Test Web UI and APIs
  • Use Real browsers on the Cloud to simulate loads generated by Real Users on modern Web UI and single-page apps
  • Use data-driven testing to simulate real user transactions at scale
  • Understand how data and transaction payload size impact application performance under load
  • Utilize extensive analytics and reporting to improve application performance

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