QA for Modern HR The Value of Test Automation for SuccessFactors

When modernizing HCM in the cloud, your QA doesn’t have to be nebulous. Even though cloud applications like SAP SuccessFactors are used by multiple organizations, there’s still a significant need for enterprises to conduct their own tests. Company-specific workflows and configurations along with frequent updates and the sheer volume and scope of what an enterprise manages within the application dictate a definitive need for the checks and balances that only testing can bring.

With quarterly updates and a complex UI, cloud applications like SuccessFactors present unique challenges to QA teams who are accustomed to working with on-premise, monolithic systems with proprietary GUIs that rarely change. Learn how your team can work together to make a successful and efficient move to SuccessFactors with the support of automation best practices.

During this Webinar you’ll learn how Worksoft supports SAP SuccessFactors projects by:

  • Transforming the way HR analysts, testers and compliance teams collaborate by automating business process documentation and reporting
  • Breaking down traditional silos between analysts, developers and testers by providing a testing framework that everyone can use to create tests
  • Creating continuous testing libraries that feed directly into DevOps pipelines and integrate with popular CI tools like Jenkins
  • Extending automation to mobile devices
  • Automatically updating tests as new versions of SuccessFactors and Fiori are released, decreasing overall test maintenance costs

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