SSON's Process Excellence Market Report 2021

There’s no doubt that the "age of disruption" is challenging organizations of all stripes and sizes to rethink and rebuild to ensure businesses survive and thrive. And it’s even more of an imperative for shared services organizations (SSOs) charged with making their enterprises resilient and agile.

Process excellence is a key enabler to deliver quality, productivity, and efficiency targets, ensuring that investments in automation pay off. And let’s not forget about the imperative to operate effectively in a virtual world; process excellence can be the bridge between office-based and virtual workforces, connecting delivery end-to-end.

SSON’s Process Excellence Market Report highlights five capabilities that are imperatives for success as companies —and their shared services organizations—move to an increasingly digitized enterprise platform.

  • Process Discovery
  • Process Mining
  • Process Intelligence
  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Business Process Modeling and Design
Featuring SSON's latest data plus case studies from Deutsche Telekom, Driscoll's, and a leading HVAC manufacturer.

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