The Power of Process Optimization

How Intelligent Automation Gives Your Enterprise Superpowers with AI & ML

What if you had the power to free your QA teams, business users, and testers from time-consuming tasks and inefficiencies? Experience intelligent process optimization with the industry-leading Connective Automation platform designed to help regular business users identify, automate and optimize processes across the enterprise – without writing complex code.

Watch our webinar to explore how our best-of-breed automation platform uses business-friendly design principles, practical AI/ML, and human-centered rules to give your enterprise real-world superpowers.

Learn how Worksoft enables you to: 

  • Easily identify the parts of the business where automation could add the most value/ROI with Process Intelligence.
  • Automatically generate business process model diagrams and step-by-step process documentation with screenshots and step narratives.
  • Quickly generate scriptless, automated test cases driven by dynamic, real-world data.
  • Intelligently repurpose test automation to create helpful RPA digital assistants at scale without writing code.

Experience the power of process optimization across your enterprise with Connective Automation.

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