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Leverage Connective RPA to Resolve Common Challenges with Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation is an increasingly popular business strategy as organizations face a heightened need to do more with less. But scale remains RPA’s Achilles’ heel and enterprise programs lack the momentum needed to meet automation ROI targets.

In our recent webinar, VP of Product Management at Worksoft, Chris Kraus, and Intelligent Automation & AI Thought Leader, Shail Khiyara demonstrated the change resiliency of Connective RPA and its ability to adapt to and heal process changes through automation. We also explored the tangible benefits of expedited ROI and lower total cost of ownership (TCO) that you can expect from Connective RPA when used in concert with your existing Worksoft automation.

During the webinar, we explored how Connective RPA enables enterprises to:

  • Expedite ROI: Reduce time and cost with a codeless automation platform
  • Eliminate Bot Fragility:  Build more durable bots the first time with proven process automation
  • Accelerate at Scale: Experience efficiency-boosting automation in production
  • Adapt to Change: Adjust dynamically to variations in your process with a patented object action framework
  • Ensure Compliance: Satisfy audit requirements and gain peace of mind from security controls & oversight
  • Apply Expertise: Leverage industry-leading automation for complex packaged applications, such as SAP.

With Connective RPA from Worksoft, you can leverage deep automation expertise to reduce risk, maximize value and speed change in your organization.

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