Resilient Automation for SAP

Worksoft's Connective RPA and Resilient Automation for SAP Lead to ROI and Commitment to Scale

Scale and rework continue to be the biggest challenges in large RPA implementations. Costly, time-consuming bot development is also a struggle. Scripted bots break easily, unable to handle change in complex, dynamic SAP environments.

Change resilience mitigates bot fragility, but how do you achieve that dynamic flexibility? Through a Connective Automation Platform built for change.

In this Worksoft webinar, learn how implementing Worksoft's Connective RPA with resilient automation for SAP allows you to achieve ROI and scale. 

Unlike traditional code-based RPA solutions, Worksoft's new Connective RPA uses our proven Object Action Framework, a code-free approach that enables automation to adapt seamlessly to change. See how this patented framework, combined with unparalleled expertise in SAP automation creates an RPA solution that's different by design.

During the webinar, we share how the Worksoft Object Action Framework: 

  • Recognizes changes, model patterns and provides an exhaustive set of actions for each bot 
  • When the UI changes, a new version of the application is created, and the attributes are updated for the new or changed action simultaneously - we are forward compatible because we don’t look at simple HTML 
  • Uses a "web optimization framework" to find an object and perform an action 
  • Each interface has a unique AI routine that identifies elements versus simple routines like Xpath  
  • Updates all bot processes referencing an object dynamically based on a single change made to a process

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