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Business Process Testing

Make sure every business process across your enterprise functions as designed with high speed test automation from Worksoft. Today there’s no room for project delays or costly technology glitches. Accelerate every project and eliminate technology risk in your enterprise apps with round-the-clock automation coverage.
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Functional Testing Ensures Every Business Process Works

For every enterprise, business process continuity matters. If you can't take orders, make shipments, or provide a positive customer experience due to technology failures, the business suffers. A software glitch can directly impact revenue and customer satisfaction. It can also be costly, as defects in production are much more expensive to fix than ones identified early. The aim of high speed business process testing is to catch defects early, before enterprise software is deployed in production - and eliminate the business impact.

Testing and validation need to be automated. Functional test automation software from Worksoft helps companies validate 100,000+ process steps in a matter of hours across hundreds of core business processes. It's an industry-unique capability that was unimaginable just a few years ago. Gartner says there's been more technology change in the last 3 years than in the prior twenty. It's simply not possible to rely on manual testing to ensure quality of enterprise apps. Manual labor is being replaced by digital labor as the new standard.

Check every process. Every system. Every project. Every day. There's only one way to ensure that every business process and enterprise system works like it should. Every one of them needs to be tested.

If technology updates are deployed monthly, you need to check all your interconnected business processes and enterprise apps monthly or better. If you have many technology projects, maybe it needs to be weekly. Some companies validate core business processes Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. And if you rely on hybrid cloud apps – where you don't control the timing of changes (like Salesforce) - then maybe you need daily testing. Automation makes it possible to keep up - and stay ahead.

Automation to the rescue! When firms shortcut functional testing, or worse, deploy changes without testing anything at all, there is enormous risk to business continuity. It doesn’t have to be that way. Please contact us to learn more about high velocity business process testing.

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